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12 Mar Nintendo Switch OLED features
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1. Display: The Nintendo Switch OLED features a larger and brighter 7-inch OLED display compared to the 6.2-inch LCD display on the original Switch.2. Resolution: The OLED model has a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, which is the same as the original Switch, but the OLED screen provides better contrast and color accuracy.3. Design: The new model ha..
31 Oct PS5 VS Xbox Series X
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PS5 VS Xbox Series X At the beginning of 9t generation, gamers had high expectations of both companies to bring up the full power in the consoles. Although this might not happen both Sony and Microsoft developed a powerful console with a bright lineup. They are both perfect home consoles but they have key differences that might change your choice f..
10 Oct Top 15 PS4 & PS5 exclusive games
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Top 15 PS4 & PS5 exclusive gamesSony always attempts to develop high-quality AAA exclusive games. From the start of the 8th generation, Sony starts to develop new IPs and grow them into the new area. They never missed a chance to use new ideas and make them possible for bringing them to the market and find a suitable place for them. New IPs however..
10 Oct Top Upcoming Xbox Series exclusives
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Xbox Series exclusivesXbox always attempts to create new ideas for gaming, although things went rough for Microsoft with Xbox one and after some changes in the heading management they came back to the competition with Sony. By introducing a new generation of consoles, Xbox sent a message to gamers.They are highly focused on power and developing new..
24 Sep What is Nintendo Switch
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What is Nintendo Switch?Here’s everything about Nintendo’s best selling console!After Nintendo Wii U great performance, company knew that they need to reconsider in their home gaming consoles. They saw how mobile games use availability in everywhere and decided to make a portable console which we recognized it as Nintendo Switch.Some info about Swi..
21 Sep Xbox Series X VS Series S
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Xbox Series X VS Series SImportant decision!Everything was strange in this generation and amongst rumors of Luckheart suddenly Xbox Series S came out and changed everything. Microsoft is offering a great and strong console for who wants perfect quality and performance and they also have paid attention to who doesn’t have enough budget and doesn’t w..
10 Sep All about Xbox Series S
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About Series SXbox Series S is the most budget-friendly console available at the time, due to the fact that Microsoft decided to build a console with a great performance but at a reasonable price. They did a fine job so far by supporting the console with software ecosystems like a game pass. Although the small design of the console developed an opp..
10 Sep All about Xbox Series X
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All about Series XAfter more than a year and a half of releasing the Xbox Series X , this console still proves the power and efficient usage in every way possible. Microsoft team did a great job of supporting the console with an acceptable rate of exclusive games and software ecosystems like the game pass. Looking deep, Xbox Series X has become sup..
10 Sep Playstation 5 Hardware
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PS5 hardwareHere’s the future of gaming consolesMaybe PS5 doesn’t have enough space to let you install all of the exclusive games but it is still full of incredible features. The train of the next-gen games just have started and we’re receiving games which are using Adaptive Triggers, immersive 3D audio and fast SSD. The PS5 is at forefront of this..
10 Sep Nintendo Switch OLED Hardware
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Hardware Nintendo Switch OLEDAfter years of releasing the Nintendo Switch finally, the company decided to update the existing version with the newest technology of display: OLED.Many gamers expected Nintendo to announce the pro version of the Nintendo Switch, but instead, Nintendo came up with another plan. They developed a console with similar har..
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