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In general, laptops have features that are not present in PCs or are less important if they exist, in exchange for portability. The integration of the display, keyboard and cooling with the chassis of the device in a limited space is one of the most obvious differences between laptops and desktop PCs, which presents new challenges and, as a result, new criteria for purchasing and choosing the best models to the existing quality and efficiency factors for Adds PC parts.

 The amount of heat produced, the noise produced by the cooling system, the efficiency of the device in case of continuous operation, the quality of construction and the durability of the screen and body, the ergonomics of the keyboard and touchpad are all some of the exclusive criteria considered in the review of laptops. The use of battery in a laptop is another feature that determines the duration of the device's usability when there is no access to city electricity.

There is also no doubt that the world of gaming PCs is still powerful and dynamic, unlike office PCs, and every year manufacturers of parts and accessories try to encourage users to buy their products by creating new ideas and innovative innovations. The PC gaming market is not limited to desktop PCs, and for several years, gaming laptops have been increasingly welcomed by a group of users. Users who prioritize the portability of their devices like game consoles and want to have their favorite games with them wherever they are and be able to compete with their friends online.