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PS4 Pro

It's a more powerful PS4

The PS4 Pro isn’t a next-generation console in the sense that we usually throw that term around, since there isn’t a shift in format or peripherals. It also isn’t as dramatic a leap as we might anticipate from Sony’s next PlayStation, whenever that eventually arrives.

Yes it's does 4K Gaming

It’s unclear whether games will run natively at 4K or simply be upscaled, and the fact that Sony and developers aren’t being very clear about it right now makes is think it’s more of the latter. Still, based on what we saw, the bump to 4K brings out a load of extra detail in PS4 games, and some titles will be specifically designed to use more of the PS4 Pro’s upgraded GPU to pump out even more glossy effects all the while.

It’ll also make great use of HDR lighting, as we saw with demos of Days Gone and the already-released Infamous: First Light – but HDR support is actually coming to all PlayStation 4 models next week via a firmware update. Take that, Xbox One S.

You'll see 1080p benefits

True, you’ll need a 4K TV with HDR support to get the most out of the PS4 Pro, but it’s not a total waste if you’re not ready to buy a new TV. The Pro’s improved GPU affects more than just resolution, as developers can add further visual effects, sharpen textures, and pump in more detail throughout scenes.