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Series X

Brand: Microsoft Model: Video game console
The Microsoft Xbox Series X 1TB Console is the most powerful Xbox console ever made. It is powered by a custom CPU, GPU, and SSD that deliver true 4K gaming at up to 120 frames per second. The Xbox Series X also features DirectX ray tracing for realistic lighting and shadows, and Dolby Atmos support..
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Brand: Microsoft Model: Video game console
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Games built with the Xbox Series X|S development kit showcase significantly reduced load times and stunning visuals at up to 120FPS.With Smart Delivery, you can buy a supported game once and always have the best available version for whatever console you play on.From future adventures, to current ob..
AED 1,808
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Xbox Series X

As we walk through the 9th generation of consoles one of the main concerns is choosing a powerful console with the best support on the software. Xbox series X comes with both power and support and the Microsoft team always looking forward to bringing the best outcome for the gamers.

Microsoft announced Xbox Series X while they had a fine job on releasing Xbox One X and they had the upper hand in having the most powerful console at the end of the 8th generation. They used the same strategy for the 9th generation of the consoles as the Xbox Series X focused on bringing power to the user. Xbox Series X is not only about power but also about respect.

As Microsoft announced smart delivery for the 9th gen consoles they manifest a strategy in which gamers don’t have to pay twice for each game they buy on the 8th gen and 9th gen. simply if you buy a game on Xbox One X you have it on your library on Xbox Series X thanks to smart delivery.

In the first stage of releasing Xbox Series X, Microsoft developed a program for backward compatibility. In this system, they optimized many old games and published them enhanced on Xbox Series X/S. by buying an Xbox Series X console you have access to all those lovely old gems, enhanced and smoother than old times and actually cheaper.

Microsoft did a fine job bringing more than 100 old games to the backward program and also announced hardware-related systems like FPS Boost for both Series S and X which solved the FPS problem in most old games.

Xbox Series X has been the most powerful console according to many hardware experts, using a 12TF processing power housed in the system on a chip. AMD`s Zen 2 GPU did an awesome job to bring on a smooth experience on the 9th gen of consoles targeting 60 fps on 4k resolution. Besides, you can also enjoy Ray tracing technology on Xbox Series X and change your view on video games’ visuals forever.

Although Xbox Series X is not only about visuals, but also the team developed a special system for the sound design. This system called 3D Spatial Sound uses AI for bringing better sound quality and more vivid in-game sound effects.

Xbox Series X brings you a 4k gaming experience that changes everything on your display. Housing better image quality and better lighting while handling the 120fps on many games have been a dream for most gamers that came true with Xbox Series X. besides all subjects we mentioned, Microsoft has been trying hard to develop an efficient software system called gamepass.

Gamepass is a program with over 200 games, adding even more games every month, with a reasonable price for memberships. All the old and newly released exclusive games are gathered in the Gamepass and you can enjoy playing all of them without being worried to pay a huge amount of money for each game you play. Microsoft constantly attempts to optimize game pass games on Xbox Series X no matter whether they are new or old.

Microsoft also focuses on developing new exclusive games by buying more than 20 studios in only 2 years including Activision and Bethesda. They started advertising for promising exclusive games like Starfield, a huge open-world made by Bethesda. A bright horizon came out for Xbox future exclusive games on the 9th generation as more than 30 studios worked day and night to bring new games and new experiences to the audience.

Whether you decide to buy a Series X or not, the fact that Microsoft has done an awesome job so far in this generation is undeniable. If you are looking for the most power in consoles combined with good system support and backward you have to buy an Xbox Series X.

You can enjoy old games and new games together with the best performance on the consoles while paying less money than ever for all these customer services. Make sure you buy a 4k TV to fully enjoy the 4k 60 fps outcome and also enjoy the incredible HDR ability of the console combined with Ray tracing technology.