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PS4 Slim

Unlike the PS4 Pro or Xbox One S, the PS4 Slim is at best a resolutely 1080p gaming machine: it can't compare to the 4K-capable Microsoft rival or its premium Sony sibling in this respect. What it is is a match for original PlayStation 4 consoles – and in se respects outperforms them.

What doesn't seem any quieter is the disc drive itself, which still spins up very noisily when a either game is installing, or a Blu-ray or DVD is playing. You might have to crank your speakers up a bit to drown that out.

Otherwise, for pretty much every other performance aspect, the PS4 and PS4 Slim consoles are identical. There's no perceptible difference in loading times or frame rates for games, which have so far ran all-but-identically across our tests. There may be a slight improvement in UI responsiveness, but that could equally be down to our older console having been jammed full of PS4 games and years of use, whereas the newer machine was relatively box fresh.

Sessions with a wide range of games, from indies like Rogue Legacy, to colorful platformer LEGO Jurassic World, to the chilling first-person frights of Alien Isolation, all saw the slim PS4 hitting the same frame rates you would expect from a standard PlayStation 4. In other words, it's a top-notch gaming machine, running most games at a tight 1080p/30ps, and many at 1080p/60fps.