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Brand: Backbone Model: Mobile Gaming
Inspired by the look and feel of the PS DualSense™ wireless controller, the Backbone One gives users tactile controls to enhance their gaming experience on iPhone®. Pair with the PS Remote Play App and you can play your PlayStation® games anywhere* with ease. Simply plug your iPhone® into the Backbo..
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Brand: Backbone Model: Mobile Gaming
A mind-blowing new gaming experienceJust snap your phone into the Backbone One controller, launch the Backbone App, and start playing your favorite mobile, console, or PC games from anywhere, in seconds.PLAY ANY CONTROLLER SUPPORTED GAMES: Responsive analog triggers, tactile buttons, and clickable t..
AED 304
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Gaming Mobile

You might imagine that despite the high-quality games for computers and game consoles, why should anyone go for mobile games? We want to draw your attention to an interesting statistic: in 2022, the entire video game industry will generate about $200 billion in revenue, of which 45%, or $91 billion, will be allocated to mobile games and only $58 billion to game consoles. Mobile games are experiencing incredible and rapid growth compared to computers and game consoles; So, mobile games should be taken seriously.

A large number of smartphone users use their device solely as a device for gaming; The issue that the producers are also aware of. For this reason, some companies such as Asus, Lenovo and Xiaomi produce phones for mobile gamers. Such phones usually offer powerful performance and efficient cooling system and special hardware features; But instead, they are more expensive, which makes them fall off the shopping list of many mobile game enthusiasts.

A gaming phone usually has a great screen and a lot of power to convey a good feeling to the user in playing graphic games. While the App Store and Google Play Store are two excellent and growing programs, through which you can have direct access to all kinds of games. You may say to yourself that game consoles are superior in many ways, but the truth is that they do not fit in your pocket and you cannot carry them with you wherever you go, and access to their games is not that simple and cheap, and that's why It is the reason that smartphones have almost replaced game consoles.