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Series S

Brand: Microsoft Model: Video game console
Xbox Series S 512GB ConsoleThe Microsoft Xbox Series S 512GB Console White is an all-digital gaming console that offers a next-gen gaming experience at an affordable price. It is the smallest Xbox console ever made, and it features a sleek white desi.The Xbox Series S is powered by a custom AMD Zen ..
AED 930
Brand: Microsoft Model: Video game console
Xbox Series S 1TB ConsoleExperience next-gen speed and performance with Xbox Series S in Carbon Black, featuring a 1TB SSD.Bundle includes: Xbox Series S1TB console, one Xbox Wireless Controller, a high-speed HDMI cable, power cable, and 2 AA batteries.Make the most of every gaming minute with Quick..
AED 1,430
Brand: Model: Bundle
Xbox Series S 512GB Console Controller Robot WhiteGo all digital with Xbox Series S and enjoy next-gen performance in the smallest Xbox ever, at a great price. Bundle includes an Xbox Series S console, one Xbox Wireless Controller, a high-speed HDMI cable, a power cable, and 2 AA batteries.Make the ..
AED 1,105
Brand: Model: Bundle
Xbox Series S Black Dual Controller is one of the essential needs for any console player to have a second controller. Xbox Series S Black Dual Controller is one of the popular bundles offered by palm Market for enthusiasts of Xbox console series. By purchasing the Xbox Series S Black Dual Controller..
AED 1,628
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Xbox Series S

With the coming of the new generation of consoles choosing the right consoles has become more important than ever. we all looking after changing our story in this generation by buying the not-so-expensive but also affordable and powerful console. But what is the solution?

Xbox Series S might be the best budget-friendly option due to the price and marketing system. It`s an all-digital powerful console with a reasonable price tagging starting from 299$. Xbox Series S uses a powerful CPU processing all the games on the market better than the last generation of the console (Xbox One) and targeting mostly 1080 on 60 fps. This doesn’t mean that the console can’t process the 4k resolution, but in newer games, it becomes harder to lock on 4k resolution. Although keep in mind that you are buying a mid-range price console with the capability of the new generation.

Microsoft powered up the GPU for good and in almost every game the performance of the GPU surprises anyone who perceives the resolution and frame in games. First and for the most, Microsoft attempted to assemble a powerful yet not that expensive console by using mid-range hardware. Although, this mid-range hardware manufactured this console to be a serious competitor to Xbox Series X and Playstation 5. Speaking of other consoles, maybe one of the best advantages of the Series S might be the size of the console.

The shape of the console and its small size (thanks to the smart design) assist the console to be easily portable for trips or anything outside of your house. All you need is an Xbox Series S and a TV to play your favorite games anywhere. This is due to the fact that Xbox Series S is 62% smaller than Xbox Series X.

The interesting idea about Xbox Series S is the cooling system. All that amount of power comes from this small heavy weighted console and almost no sound comes from the console even if you run a 9th Gen game.

Microsoft usually advertises Series S with their smart affordable software system called Gamepass. Gamepass now has over 25 million users and is the actual lifesaver of the Microsoft gaming unit. The main Idea of the gamepass appeared in the last generation of consoles, while Microsoft had nothing to offer to the gamers Phil Spencer (The head of the Xbox unit) came up with a lifesaving idea.

He launched Xbox One X besides using the Gamepass system and backward compatibility. Gamepass allows gamers to access more than 100 games including Xbox-exclusive games and day one lunch games. Microsoft has been using the same method to sell Xbox Series S.

As we know, Xbox Series S is an all-digital console, and not having a disk drive might be a problem for some people who used to buy the games second handed and pay less amount of money for buying games in general.

Microsoft came out with a great proposal if the buyer of the Series S console has the option to pay a limited series of money monthly and access more than 100 games then it would cover all digital parts of the console, right? This is why you should consider buying a game pass and becoming a member if you’re planning on buying a Series S.

Now let’s move on to the point for which usually the console gets criticized: the storage. Yes, it is true, if you’re buying an Xbox Series S you should consider purchasing extra storage for the console because it only contains 200 gigabytes.

You don’t need to worry about this problem as Microsoft announced their costumed SSD storage for the Series S and the Series X. this type of storage is designed for the 9th gen of consoles and gives you 1TB of extra super high-speed SSD.

If you don’t want to purchase this kind of storage cart then there is an alternative too. Fortunately, Microsoft allowed users to connect their HDD external hard drive to the console. consider that new games can’t be run from the external storage as they are optimized for the SSD speed, but you won’t have any problem saving the last-gen games on the normal external hard drive.