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Funko POP

Mike Becker, who was a collector of cartoon figures, was looking for a Big Boy design piggy bank. This design was a symbol of a restaurant chain in America that Mike could not find. That's why Mike decides to make that figure himself. At first, Mike License takes this figure from the owner of one of the branches of this restaurant and makes the figure of this piggy bank in the form of Bubble Head (dolls with shaking heads). Although the making of this figure did not bring much success to Mike, it made Mike decide to establish his own company in his home called Funko.

In 2005, Funko's early figures became very popular, but Mike saw that he could no longer manage the company in the original way and that a professional collection was needed to continue this way. For this reason, he sold the company to Brian Mariotti this year. Brian, who himself was a fan of cartoon characters, first moved the company's office to Lynnwood, Washington, and expanded the company's business significantly by acquiring various licenses.

Until 2011, Funko produced its own figures in the same way as before, until this year, Funko decided to release figures with a new design called Pop. Figures that are everywhere today and everyone knows them. Pop figures had a special design. Dwarf dolls with square faces and a body smaller than the head. Since a doll must always be silent, most pop models do not have mouths. These figures are inspired by Japanese chibi design. Chibi refers to anime whose characters have big faces and big round eyes.

All designs of new Funko products are done in their main office. New products are created by checking social networks and recording fan feedback. Once the approval to build an action figure is obtained, the project is transferred to the company's senior sculptors for the production of prototypes and then mass production. Today, Funko is known as one of the most popular and creative toy manufacturers. Funko has prepared more than 2000 different licenses of famous movies, games and animations, and the number of these licenses and figures is added day by day.