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Microphones are one of the most important equipment that you should get for home recording, studio recording or for making a studio. To record vocals and instruments, you need a quality microphone so that you can get a great sound for your songs.

In general, it can be said that a good microphone is a microphone that can record the real sound of its instrument or sound source as accurately as possible. But it is interesting to know that many sound engineers have used microphones or preamps over time to add a certain color to their recorded sounds. The meaning of sound color is that the sound that is recorded is not accurate and by changing the frequency range, it turns into sounds that are pleasant to our ears.

Different microphones have different capsules, the way they are made is different and for these reasons, they provide different sound.

These days, when the market of video content production and streaming is hotter than ever, every day a new range of enthusiasts are attracted to the activity in this field. Of course, starting activities in this field requires the provision of basic facilities and equipment.

Creating valuable content without using minimum recording standards can hinder the growth and attraction of your content audience. One of these standards is acceptable sound quality, which will be possible by providing a suitable microphone. So we should try to buy a suitable microphone based on the above specifications.