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Palm Shield

Why Palm Shield?

  • Clear and no hidden fees (There are no hidden costs for using the warranty and there will be no change in the costs)
  • Unique Support (Our services are aimed at meeting the customer's needs)
  • Various warranty plans (Different plans to meet different needs)
  • Affordable price (The cost you pay is much better than miscellaneous repairs)

Palm Shield Plans 


 Palm Shield Cards 


?Is Palm Shield worth buying

Considering the various prices, buying this warranty is recommended to all those who buy game consoles, because the price of repairing consoles and their cost value is very high

?What does the Palm Shield warranty cover

In general, except for impact and water corrosion, all possible damages are covered by the Nakhl. But for more detailed information about the conditions, pay attention to the details of your desired plan

?Is there an additional charge for the warranty

No additional fees are charged and all procedures are performed according to the obligations of Nakhl Shield

?What is the cost of transporting the goods to the place of warranty

All costs of transporting goods are borne by Palm Shield