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The keyboard is one of the computer and accessory parts that is used to enter text, characters and other commands to the computer. Of course, in devices such as Tablet PCs, the keyboard is placed virtually inside the tablet.

Keyboards are manufactured and marketed with different sizes, keys and capabilities. If we want to categorize computer keyboards, keyboard types fall into four groups. These four groups are:

Mechanical keyboards in which a completely mechanical mechanism is used to detect the pressure of a key and therefore are somewhat noisier than other keyboards, but their useful life is much longer than normal keyboards.

The second group are multimedia keyboards, which are among the most popular keyboards and their main feature is the presence of media control keys. These keys allow the user to advance and rewind the video or increase or decrease the volume with one press.

The third group is wireless keyboards. As the name suggests, the main feature of these keyboards is wireless connection with the computer. In fact, these keyboards are connected to the computer with radio frequencies or Bluetooth, and due to the absence of wires, the user can work at a greater distance from the computer.

Today, the game industry has become one of the most profitable businesses in the world. In this regard, the companies producing computer peripherals turned to the production of gaming keyboards for gamers to enjoy computer games more. These keyboards have attracted many fans in a short period of time.

As you know, to run a computer game perfectly, it is necessary to have a powerful system. But having a quality and comfortable controller, which here is a mouse and keyboard, is also of great importance. If you play the same game with a gaming keyboard after playing the game using a normal keyboard, you will completely notice the difference in quality between the two while playing the game. The pleasure of playing games using a gaming keyboard will be much more.

Gaming keyboards have various models, each of which has been produced and entered the market for specific games. Therefore, when choosing a gaming keyboard, you should choose a keyboard that suits your needs.