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Brand: Sony Model: PS VR2 Controller
PlayStation VR2 Sense Controller Charging StationAlways be ready for your next adventure into thrilling new virtual reality worlds with the PlayStation VR2 Sense controller charging station. Quickly and easily charge your PlayStation VR2 Sense controller set through a simple click in design without ..
AED 290
Brand: Sony Model: PS VR Adapter
PS5 Camera Adapter for PSVRWeight: 40g.Mini and lightweight;Interface type: Usb.Convenient to use.Premium Quality and Durability, It have stable signal transmission.It allows for the PS4â€s VR to be played on the PS5 using the PlayStation 4â€s camera.Note: Compatible with PlayStation 5. This is a PS..
AED 64
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VR Accessories 

Maybe until five years ago, few people predicted that virtual reality would reach such a place in the game industry that the fans of the Half-Life series would go to this game in the form of virtual reality after waiting for a long time to experience its new version. Few people would have guessed that this part of the video game market would reach a point where, on the one hand, we would see the presentation of all kinds of headset models by different companies, and on the other hand, Sony, as one of the three sides of the console triangle, would provide not only products for virtual reality enthusiasts. But think of a more advanced model for your new generation console.


The concept of virtual reality (Virtual Reality or VR) in its simplest definition is the simulation of a world separate from reality that allows the user to enter a space different from his surroundings and experience the desired experience; An experience that can be entertaining and fun, scientific and educational, therapeutic and service and...

Although there are different types of virtual reality, but in its most common mode, you can watch different angles of the desired effect by moving your head, and this makes the feeling of being in another world well conveyed to the user and separates him from the surrounding space; The feeling that the higher the quality of the headset and related technologies and of course the hardware used with the headset, the better and more complete it is conveyed.

When we consider what achievements we have achieved in the field of virtual reality in just the last few years, and the quality of products related to it is improving day by day and its market is also wider, it is better to prepare ourselves for a future where this technology will have a much larger share. From today, it will be in people's lives; A future where, according to one expert, today's virtual reality technologies will be like Space Invaders game with its basic graphics compared to modern games.