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Icon Light

Model: Icon Light
Retro gaming light: Based on classic 8-bit era arcade games, the Game Over light is a favorite among gamers. It is 30cm (12in) wide and is USB powered (cable included)Color changing modes: Activate the phasing mode to see the “Over” part of the light change from red to blue to green to purple while ..
AED 90
Model: Icon Light
Icon Light PlaystationLight the night: light up your bedroom with the symbols and icons from the hugely popular and fun PlayStation gaming system. The PlayStation icon light illuminates the dark with a soft colorful glow.Conversation starter: when hosting your next party or game night at your home, ..
AED 70
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Icon Light 

Gamers are particularly interested in various gaming accessories. Most of the gamers go to different gaming accessories after they have found favorable conditions for the game platform and the device they are playing on. Things like action figures, making disk games and of course icon lights.

Icon lights are usually LED and light boards with a design related to the game and the game industry printed on them and they supply their energy through a USB cable, and you can often control their light and energy consumption with a button on them or Set up its mobile application.

Many gamers dream of having a beautiful and colorful gaming room. Most gamers are particularly interested in RGB products, and many try to get colorful light panels, headphones, keyboards, and RGB mice to give their room a special and heavy look.

Among the things that probably exist in the background of the room of many famous streamers and gamers, in addition to the mentioned products, are colorful and beautiful icon lights that can represent their favorite game. Even if you look at domestic and foreign television and internet programs with the theme of video games, you will see big and beautiful icon lights that often form the most attractive part of their decor.

Your favorite console light icon can define your direction in this competition like the flag of your favorite team. It would be nice if you put an attractive light icon of these consoles next to your PlayStation with the usual symbol of square, triangle, circle and cross. Also, if you are on the Microsoft front, I suggest that you get the icon light with the Xbox logo design to add the symbolic green color of Xbox to your room next to your white or black console.

If you are a professional gamer and looking for excitement and beauty for your room or gaming table, decorative lamp or in other words icon light is definitely what you are looking for and bring charm and beauty to your game world.

Playing in a low-light environment makes the monitor's light become more colorful, which creates a very attractive atmosphere for gamers next to a decorative gaming lamp. You can buy all kinds of decorative lamps on this page.